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Tankee, Inc. is an Austin-based media company dedicated to the future of kids’ digital entertainment. Tankee, the company’s first offering, is a free entertainment app for kids 6-12 that helps parents protect their kids from inappropriate online content while giving kids access to the gaming videos they love

The safe destination features 500+ hours of curated and original gaming videos spanning the most popular game franchises including Minecraft and ROBLOX showcased by top gaming influencers.

Tankee features a robust library of videos including more than 150 Tankee Originals, exclusive content co-produced with top gamers.

All videos featured on the Tankee platform are reviewed and approved by Tankee staff and comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) parents can rest assured there is no questionable content.

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Tankee is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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Our Story

Nearly half of Americans play video games, according to a new poll according to Pew Research. That is not a surprising statistic to Gerald Youngblood, father of a 10-year-old son, who loves games as much as his dad did at his age and Dan Chiu, who has many young cousins that boast about knowing almost every gaming influencer on the Internet. Together, they came up with the idea to create a safe space for young kids and their caregivers to enjoy gaming content. They wanted to harness the sense of community and diversity that permeate the gaming events and meet-ups they attend.

The gaming videos weren't inherently bad, but there was no clear space for young kids to enjoy their favorite content without inadvertently running into mature videos and ads. With Dan’s and Gerald’s experiences from ESPN to AMD and shared love of the positive aspects of the gaming community, the duo wanted to create a place for caregivers and kids to discover the best in gaming in a safe and healthy way. They set out in a bold move and began curating and licensing their favorite videos to build a network dedicated to young kids who love games. Not to mention, it made them seem cool to Gerald's son and Dan's little cousins, so why not?

our Team



Gerald youngblood


Co-Founder & CEO

Gerald connects with his 9-year-old son through video games. He was previously Senior Director of WW Marketing, Social, and esports for Advanced Micro Devices where he drove end-to-end global strategy and execution, including gaming partnerships. Gerald's favorite game is Ori and the Blind Forest.


Dan Chiu


Co-Founder, Partnerships

Dan watches way too many gaming videos with his cousins. He used to lead strategy and business operations for ESPN Digital where he helped ESPN acquire digital media rights and negotiate its 15-year, $750M to $850M deal with Electronic Arts. Dan's favorite game is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.


Julie park


Product Lead (Advisor)

Julie was most recently a Product Manager at Pinterest. During her time at Pinterest, she helped scale the user base from 10M to 200M and dramatically increased ad revenue. Prior to Pinterest, Julie was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.


brooke Bauguess


Marketing & PR (Advisor)

Brooke is a PR, marketing and sales executive who led communications and campaigns across top game franchises including The Sims, Harry Potter, and Command & Conquer. She is the founder of Violet Kai, Inc., a firm focused on PR, marketing and partnerships with clients accross gaming, technology and pop culture events.


stephane duin


Content Manager

Stephane's first gaming device was the Gameboy Color on which he spammed Pokemon Yellow, his favorite Pokemon game to this day. He has worked on projects for various esports organizations such as VGJ and Counter Logic Gaming.


kevin cruz


Senior Designer

Kevin has been playing Minecraft with his little brother since the 2010 alpha (before it was cool). He has lead design and branding for projects big and small, including Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and Counter Logic Gaming.




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Tankee is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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